Sunday, March 11, 2007

Free Hugs

I plan to give free hugs. It would be a diligent process, only free hugs to people that cannot afford it.

I will charge a premium to the hug-rich people to cross subsidy the operation. At the end I plan to give a hug to everyone that needs a hug. That would of course include sometimes a hug to myself (that I’ll try to pay with sweat equity). I will expand to different landscapes with some infusion of hug-human capital. If proven efficient, I would try to outsource some part of the operation to countries with positive hug-balance of trade. I will try to pay my ridiculous amount of hug-debt accumulated from years of growing with a wonderful family, marvelous friends and a belief in happiness.

My final plan is to expand my hug-business to happiness. I want to make my happiness survive the difficult times. I will embrace every moment of happiness and promise to transmit it to my family, my community and the world. I want to recognize the wonderful little details of happiness, the whispering sounds of joy, and the undetectable taste of life.

That’s my plan and you are welcome to join me.