Thursday, February 28, 2013


In a world that does not learn from history
That keeps underestimating lessons from the past
That cannot extrapolate further than its experience.
That falls again and again on the same mistakes

We find an indisputable right
For all humans regardless of race, sex,  religion or any other preference or background
That you can live your life in the same way others can
And nobody, not even the god of any religion can impede it
Because religion is built by us 

and "us" as a community, as a "together", as a world, are above anything
Above any discrimination

We are better than our past
We are more intelligent
We are more capable
We are more joust
We are more fair
We are more consistent
We are just better

It is now when discrimination disappears, discrimination of all kinds, of all forms.

Let us be free
From all discrimination
Now is your turn
Think freely
Liberate your world